Yvonne Dodd

COMPANY:  Evi D. Consulting

AGE: 28


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“Don’t ask what the world needs, instead go out and find what makes you come alive, because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

This quote by Harry Thurman inspires 28-year-old Yvonne Druyeh Dodd, owner of Evi D. Consulting. Before earning her degree from Oglethorpe University, Dodd was certain she wanted to be a psychologist. Her volunteer work with organizations like DeKalb Crisis and Rape Center gave her a firsthand experience with community service. As a result, Dodd channeled her love for social work and created Student Progress Activist Network (S.P.A.N.K.). The mission of this organization was to inspire other college students to become more involved with the local community. After graduation Dodd began work for Nicholas House in Atlanta as a Operations Manager and Volunteer Coordinator. There she enhanced her marketing, branding and fundraising management skills. Dodd always knew she wanted to impact the lives of others.

As Dodd settled into her community service roles in the greater Atlanta area, she felt there was more that needed to be done. Beyond the barrage of paperwork and politics, she wanted to affect her community with greater impact. After a customary meditation routine, one morning, Dodd stumbled across a website offering coaching certifications. These classes—she learned a few clicks later—were offered at the University of Miami. Dodd went on to earn her certification as a Professional Coach.

Born from her passion to serve others and see them reach their fullest potential, Dodd launched Evi D Consulting. With professional certification in tow, she told herself, “I can create my life.” Dodd hasn’t looked back since.

Evi D. Consulting is a hybrid of life, business and brand alliance coaching. Dodd’s mission is to lead, empower and inspire individuals to live in integrity, freedom and style. She believes her greatest business asset is giving people the space to figure out their vision and create that. Dodd begins each session with learning her clients’ Why. This enables her to craft a specialized plan according to individual needs. Dodd believes her approach to coaching is innovative. Combining personal, business and brand development gives clients a complete experience. Dodd says, “We bring our whole selves to our life and business.”

In the next five years, Dodd hopes to expand Evi D. Consulting’s reach into different cities, and offer her curriculum online. She also hopes to revamp the company’s visual branding.

For this busy entrepreneur and recovering perfectionist, Dodd’s personal life balance is equally as important as her passion for her clients. As a wife and mother of a recently adopted teenager, she manages her time by scheduling and adhering to morning meditations and 9:00 pm wind downs.

Dodd knows that life coaching is her purpose. In her opinion, her personal success is being in integrity every day. As inspiration, Dodd advises future entrepreneurs to have coaches. She believes coaches give individuals the space to dream, experiment and figure things out. This invitation and permission is something, Yvonne Druyeh Dodd says, everyone needs.