William Jennings

COMPANY:  Check My Bookstore

AGE: 26

LOOKING FOR:  Talented employees, partnerships, and financial investors



Jennings seeks to inspire youth to follow their dreams at an early age and encourages entrepreneurship. In 2011, he made these achievements more accessible by creating Check My Bookstore, a medium for students to personalize and become more active in the process of buying, selling, and trading of textbooks.

The website acts as an outlet for average students to flex their entrepreneurial muscles without the hassle associated with starting a business from scratch. They are able to sharpen basic skills that great entrepreneurs posses such as self-branding, marketing, and selling. Check My Bookstore is a highly customizable experience that will benefit students who wish to be book-selling tycoons, or simply want to get a book off of their hands for a maximum return without the frustrations of shopping it around from store to store.

Prior to launching Check My Bookstore, Jennings launched his first venture, The United Royalty Foundation (U.R.F.), in 2010. The United Royalty Foundation’s mission is to unite business leaders, train entrepreneurs and provide support to the community. Through U.R.F., Jennings has been able to connect business-minded youth in states all over the country including, New York, California, Wisconsin, Ohio, and of course U.R.F.’s home base Georgia.

After launching two ventures in two years and accepting the roles of vice-president of the American Marketing Association and President of the Georgia State chapter of the Collegiate Entrepreneur’s Organization, Jennings shows no signs of slowing down. With great ideas, a well thought- out strategy and his powerful presence, Jennings has been able to obtain several awards and recognition from multiple media outlets. He has been featured on Fox 5, named Ken Bernhardt Marketer of the Year, and received the Roundtable Outstanding Minority in Marketing Award to name a few of his accomplishments. Checkmybookstore.com has already launched on Georgia State University’s campus where Jennings hopes to solidify proof of concept. He is currently looking for talented individuals to help with expansion, partnerships, investments opportunities and capital, and plans to “seize national and global opportunities” for Check My Bookstore following his graduation in May of 2013..

It is clear that to him, this only the beginning. William Jennings has a knack for finding opportunities, and at the tender age of 25, he is well on his way to making his dreams come true.