Vince Baskerville

COMPANY: Triplingo

AGE: 25

LOOKING FOR: New customers and partnership opportunities 

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As a ten-year digital product and industry specialist, Vince Baskerville and his family will assure you: entrepreneurship runs through his veins. At a young age, the self-proclaimed “adrenaline junkie with ADHD” developed an affinity for technology, and an obsession with learning what made products tick. In 2001, he taught himself C++, a computer language program, and he hasn’t stopped since. Baskerville’s entrepreneurial spirit mobilized him to seek a profit from his passion, leading him to become the Vice President of TripLingo.

TripLingo is a mobile communication app designed for the average person to communicate with native speakers of different languages in a way that natives would use the language themselves. It was founded on a belief that learning a language should be tailored to an individual’s needs. This belief, in addition to Baskerville’s love for building websites and mobile apps, has amplified TripLingo to develop and flourish, allowing users to add slang terms in 12 languages. It was launched on multiple platforms such as Android, iOS, the Nook, and Kindle Fire in 2011. TripLingo has been called “one of the most groundbreaking inventions of 2011” by Business Insider, a United States business and technology magazine.

After over a decade in the technology business, Baskerville is now the Product Manager of Lithium and Founder of 8bitFeed. This serial entrepreneur is striving for excellence, and his passion for innovation and creation motivates him to develop and implement digital media products for large and small organizations.