Thalia Ruddock

COMPANY:  Thaila R. Hair Studios

AGE: 30

LOOKING FOR:  Customer awareness, TV appearances, partnerships and capital

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Georgia educator, Thalia Ruddock, is passionate about the “art” of hair styling. Since the age of 4 years old, the impact of a simple hair style has played a significant role in her life. As a teacher who believes that learning is not just important but mandatory, Ruddock educated herself in the art of hairstyling from coif braids to versatile hair weaves. As a babysitter and teen, Ruddock took the opportunity to practice natural hair styling on her “young clients”, a clear sign that she was a budding entrepreneur.

Ruddock’s passion for hair styling is in large part due to a belief in the “confidence women have when their hair looks good”. This ideology acted as the catalyst for her business venture, Thalia R. Hair Studios, a mobile hair salon started in July of 2011. “I would like all of my clients to take that confidence with them everywhere they go as I know that their most important beauty comes from within.” Still, her vision does not stop within the realms of a hair studio. As young as her venture is, volunteer work is more intricately woven into her business than many for-profits. Ruddock exercises her confidence-boosting techniques as a means to promote self-esteem to underprivileged young girls. Thalia R. Hair Studio’s launch party even served as a fundraiser for the American Kidney Foundation.

Ruddock wants to partner with organizations that assist unemployed individuals, and offer the hair services at a discounted rate to aid in their job search. With an eye for opportunity and charity work so well integrated into the operations of Thalia R. Hair Studios, Ruddock will surely make an impact in the community with her business.