Terrica McClendon

COMPANY:  The Reading and Writing Advisory

AGE: 29





The program has duplicated the results of her first tutoring session several times over. “We just kept getting students who saw improvement,” she says. The advisory now serves all subjects covered in schools. The Reading and Writing Advisory started by direct contact with parents until word-of-mouth began to attract clients. Now, the advisory has grown to partnering with bigger initiatives such as Connecting Henry, a non-profit organization in Henry County.

Terrica McClendon strongly believes that a student’s success in school depends on cooperation from students, parents and teachers. For this reason, the advisory aims to build a bridge between all three, improving communication for the students’ benefit. McClendon makes sure she hires individuals who can bring the three together effectively. “We don’t have tutors, we have education wellness coaches,” McClendon says.

The Reading and Writing Advisory observes two primary performance-based tests as signifiers of student’s progress: standardized testing and formative testing. McClendon believes formative testing, especially, acts as a great way to get an idea of how well the class is following the material in real time. She says that it is, unfortunately, difficult for teachers to cater to each student’s individual needs to create significant progress.

McClendon asserts that public schools will always need outside assistance so children can receive adequate education. “Even with the best of teachers…if there are twenty to thirty kids in the classroom, every child is not going to get what they need.” Basic observation will reveal that the problem is actually all-too common. “It’s not hard for students to fall through the cracks.”

After three years in business, the twenty-eight year old has learned a lot, namely, how to be more organized and how to “execute religiously.” She envisions the Reading and Writing Advisory as the new face of education. Inspired by her brother who she helped get through school when she was younger, her cause is close to her heart. McClendon also works in her community. She says that her top areas of interest include food, education and health. Her values inspire her life and business. As a matter of fact, McClendon says life is business, something she never would have imagined.

McClendon will be the first to admit that she never expected to be an entrepreneur. “I guess I must have gotten it from my father. He owns an automotive shop and never worked for anyone, but himself.” McClendon says that if anyone wants to be an entrepreneur they simply have to take action. “Stop making excuses and just do it. Start now.”