Steven Otua

COMPANY:  iFundie /

AGE: 27

LOOKING FOR:  Partnership opportunities

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Kelly Cutrone once said “When you’re following your inner voice, doors tend to open for you, even if they mostly slam at first.”

Steven Otua, Co-Founder of iFundie and discovered his calling while working in the Information Technology industry. He finds pleasure in seeing entrepreneurs just like himself succeed, helping artists, filmmakers, musicians and more fund their projects with touring costs, material costs, and even more through iFundie, located in Atlanta, Georgia. iFundie has even helped the director and producer of the film, “Echo at 11 Oak Drive”, raise $23,265 to begin production. Otua also created, which helps small business owners to share ideas with each other and to increase revenue while decreasing costs in an effort to make their businesses profitable and more successful. It introduces live chat feeds with a facilitator present ensuring maximum amount of advice each owner needs.

Otua considers the deficit in capital as the key reason that many entrepreneurs cannot move forward; by supporting and guiding business owners in the necessary direction, Otua believes that entrepreneurs can be successful in their ventures.