Sherane Heron

COMPANY:  Sherane’s Vintage Closet

AGE: 30

LOOKING FOR:   Live event opportunities, partnerships and capital for studio expansion

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As a multi-talented woman with Jamaican and Jersey roots and a rich entrepreneurial family heritage, Sherane Heron faced pressure to succeed. Before launching her first company, she was a full-time employee for an Atlanta television station, defying a professor’s predictions that she wouldn’t begin a media career in a large city. However, when her passion for working at the station diminished, she feared that those predictions were becoming a reality.

Heron faced the challenge of utilizing her faith in God and drive to excel in media and the arts to overpower lingering insecurities. She launched Watch This Media, LLC, a media production company attracting prominent clients such as Usher and networks such as BET, MTV, TV One, and others. Even with the success of her enterprise, Heron was searching for spiritual self-fulfillment and security outside of the title of “business owner”. When she took a break and stripped herself professionally and personally, she found her call to ministry.

Heron’s passion is to use teaching, writing, multi-media and fashion to empower people to live their God-given purpose and equip leaders with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Founded in January 2009, her brand, Sherane’s Closet, LLC, combines her love for media, education, and style. The enterprise provides fun and eclectic fashion to accentuate the physique, while nurturing personal and spiritual development through educational courses, events, articles, and a mentorship program. Heron serves as a college professor, professional speaker, and life and career coach. She lives by the mantra that ministry is a lifestyle, and her mission is to “share the gospel of Christ in style”.