Sean Stanberry

COMPANY:  LYFE Marketing

AGE: 23

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At 23 years old, Sean Standberry, chief executive officer of LYFE Marketing, is striving to become the marketing ally of small to medium businesses (SMBs). While a student at Georgia State University, Standberry began to see how SMBs struggled with new media marketing. In response, Standberry and his brother Sherman Standberry, along with fellow GSU Student Keran Smith, created LYFE Marketing.

Founded in 2011, LYFE Marketing is a full-service marketing firm that provides social media marketing, reputation management, search engine optimization (SEO) utilization and business consulting to SMBs. LYFE Marketing credits itself “responsible for creating, managing and executing top-preforming social media campaigns for businesses, and manages social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google Plus.”

LYFE Marketing services a range of clients, which include the Atlanta Hawks, West Mar Apartments and several Atlanta-based churches, businesses and business professionals.

For Standberry, there was no other career path besides entrepreneurship. “My father is an entrepreneur who owned his own accounting company; and so while growing up, I knew that I wanted to have my own business that [would] allow me the freedom and flexibility to achieve my full potential,” says Standberry.

Standberry’s family and LYFE Marketing colleagues serve as his main motivation to push forward. “My family continually motivates me when I am struggling, [or] have had a bad day. They propel me to go further.” However, Standberry notes that owning one’s own business has many challenges. “Of course, there are many things that I wish that I knew then that I know now, such as, business leadership, successful lead generation and the power of mentors.”

Looking ahead, Standberry wants to expand LYFE Marketing’s social media and marketing courses for SMBs and sales professionals. “Online marketing is essential for businesses and I want to grow and expand LYFE Marketing to encompass all business needs.” Specifically, Standberry wants to launch a SEO course to teach businesses how to effectively create online content to achieve optimum search results.

Standberry knows how beneficial a SEO course could be for small businesses. SEO effectiveness is not always the most important thing to a small business. However, as sales teams and consumers become increasingly digital, utilizing SEO is critical for any business. In a 2012 Hubspot study, “SEO leads have a 14.6 percent close lead whereas outbound leads, generated from direct mail or print advertising, have a 1.7 percent close rate.”

Sean’s advice to future entrepreneurs is to have a strategic business plan and to work hard and smart. “The key to my success has been to find my objective, work on a strategy and then have an execution plan.”