Remington Youngblood

COMPANY:  Remington Youngblood

AGE: 13

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Remington Youngblood is a 13-year-old middle school student and Founder of Change4Georgia (C4G). As a fifth grader, Youngblood started the 501(c)3 non-profit organization as a community service platform to send gifts of appreciation to U.S. troops, veterans and their families. As a youth leader, he has organized fundraising events and drives to raise money and solicit in-kind donations. Change4Georgia’s motto is to “Provide the troops and their families with items of comfort and school supplies and to inspire students to get up and get involved.” Youngblood has 12 schools and numerous sponsors behind him on his mission to support the armed forces.

Change4Georgia is a community service effort to thank the soldiers and veterans for their service. The organization collects items from soldier wish lists in order to make sure individual necessities and comforts of home are an option during deployment. The support is not just for active duty soldiers, but also for veterans and their families. Change4Georgia has raised over $1 million dollars in cash and donations in support of the troops.

Youngblood’s motivation for giving and community service resulted from a happy childhood memory. “I started helping out in third grade. [My family] lived in Illinois at the time. It was the middle of December and our school was having a coat drive.” After expressing his enthusiasm about participating in the coat drive, Youngblood’s mother took him shopping to buy 30 fluffy winter coats. His fond memories of hauling huge bags to school in the cold for the less fortunate continues to fuel Youngblood’s passion. He says, “Even though it was freezing, I felt warm inside because I knew that 30 more children would be warm that winter season.”

Change4Georgia recognizes the struggles that troops endure while in service. Youngblood understands that the small gift of chewing gum can be a treat for soldiers. Condiments on prepackaged food can make the difference in taste. ChapStick can be a necessary item when in the middle of a hot or cold climate where minimal hydration is prevalent. Soldiers sacrifice little luxuries, sometimes, for brutal circumstances. C4G honors their commitment.

As fundraisers, Change4Georgia enlists sponsorship and hosts car washes and movie nights. The organization’s most unique attribute, however, is its student focus. With Youngblood as the example, C4G empowers young people for community activism. According to their website, “[C4G] believe[s] that engaging students who want to become active, optimistic contributors provides tremendous leadership opportunities which will reinforce the positive choices they will face in the future.”

Youngblood is an inspirational and motivational public speaker, young entrepreneur and youth leader. He is responsible for C4G promotions, overseeing fundraising events, evaluating programs and finalizing budgets. He has also made public appearances with Governor Nathan Deal, Senate Chambers and Mrs. USA. Youngblood maintains all his duties while attending Riverwatch Middle School. When he’s not busy with schoolwork and Change4Georgia activities, Remington Youngblood enjoys water sports, fishing and the carefree lifestyle of a teenager.