Queen Aftan Williams

COMPANY:  I am a Queen Royalty Productions

AGE: 29

LOOKING FOR:  New clients, partnerships and capital

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Everyone should know their worth and that they are royalty!” — Queen Aftan Williams

“Queen” Aftan Williams seeks to push people beyond their limits to realize their own excellence. In 2004, Williams founded M.U.S.I.C. (Music Uniting Sisters Initiating Courage, Character and Care) to propel her purpose into action. The program was designed to instill unity, courage, and character through music and discussion, focusing specifically on females ages 10-18. This company paved the foundation for I Am A Queen Royalty Productions (IAAQRP), a derivative of M.U.S.I.C. that aims to take her mission one step further.

Officially launched in 2010, IAAQRP is a community organization that operates as a non-profit because of a gracious partnership with Teen Leaders of America, Inc./U Turns, Inc. Williams has used IAAQRP to develop over 300 young ladies into more confident and refined women. In “transforming the mindset of a girl into the mindset of a Queen,” she encourages girls to “think UP, be UP, live UP, focus UP and push for greatness through royal excellence”. This emphasis on greatness has been the key to impacting and inspiring young women to raise the expectations of themselves and their environment.

IAAQRP has grown from a simple idea to a nonprofit organization, and is now in the beginning stages of expanding into more cities in the form of chapters. Williams believes that I Am A Queen Royalty Productions LLC is building a strong foundation for young women to achieve excellence, and that this is only the beginning.