Maya Table

COMPANY:  Sam Frank Productions

AGE: 30

LOOKING FOR:  New clients and partnership opportunities

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“I love all aspects of production and it really is a joy to see a project go from concept to creation.” – Maya Table

An incredibly skilled producer and budding director, Maya Table is in love with what she does. She currently acts as the executive producer of her own company, Sam Frank Productions (SFP), an Atlanta-based video and media production company. She recently added “director” to her title, having directed 20 commercials this year for Disney, Walmart, Target and Babies R US.

The company’s name is in honor of Maya’s grandfather, Sam Frank Table, who gave her all of his film cameras and equipment a year before he passed away. “It was only fitting that I name my production company after him,” says Table. Sam Frank Productions supports directors, other production companies, and its own clients. As one of the top producers in Atlanta, Table has been able to land affluent clients, and to deliver a finished product that their audiences appreciate. She has worked on several projects from a wide array of popular music videos to fashion shows and commercials. Over 65% of the music videos SFP has produced have eventually become an MTV Jam of the Week. Sam Frank Productions’ ability to undertake a diverse range of assignments and still offer a unique, desirable product speaks to its success.

Sam Frank Productions provides services to entrepreneurs in pursuit of solidifying their brands, helping to support their visions and bring them to life. Table says that about 60% of her business comes from young entrepreneurs. She also mentors a minimum of 5 college students a year, teaching them the ins and outs of production, media and professionalism. Constantly looking for ways to take her business to the next level, Table is considering expansion through possible partnerships. If she is able to do so while maintaining SFP’s high quality, the company will be a force to be reckoned with.