Marisha Dixon

COMPANY:  Fierce Femininity Campaign

AGE: 25

LOOKING FOR:  advisory board, membership, locations for new chapters, partnerships and donations

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Using visual, creative and performing arts, Fierce Femininity was initially formed as a campaign message to empower teen girls and women to overcome body image issues and financial strife. After just a few weeks of building partnerships and a tremendous following of women and men beyond the Metro Atlanta borders, Marisha Dixon recognized there was a need to expand the campaign focus to also address emotional distress as a result of many women’s misconceptions about love as well as entering and escaping difficult relationships.

Dixon also observed the ways that society devalues a woman’s self-worth. As she states, “beginning at an early age, the psyche of women becomes convoluted as a result of the communications they receive from media, educational institutions, their upbringing, the workforce and other pillars that drive and sustain our society.” This realization, coupled with her natural inclination to uplift people in need, resulted in Dixon founding the Fierce Femininity Campaign (FFC). The Fierce Femininity Campaign was launched in order to “spark a movement” in which women are empowered to come together and embrace their dynamic characteristics as females in the 21st century. Dixon is the campaign organizer who soon realized her original campaign approach to addressing the physical, financial and emotional challenges among teen girls and women was instead going to require more of an organizational structure in order to birth her vision of engaging, educating and empowering future generations of esteemed women worldwide.

After months of working with a social entrepreneurship and innovation program, Dixon decided to collaborate with her mother, Trena Dixon to establish Fierce Femininity as a nonprofit entity. The two believe this decision would best suit the transition of Fierce Femininity from just a campaign into an organization that offers various programs and services aiming to improve self worth, finances and relationships among teen girls and women.  The Arts, particularly the development of women in a media leadership program, will remain a prominent educational tool to leverage resources, raise awareness about such issues and reveal strategies to improve women’s perception of themselves and the world around them.