Lawyer James

COMPANY:  Brand Red

AGE: 30

LOOKING FOR:  Clients, partnerships, support and capital

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Lawyer James is a sports car; a Ferrari Enzo with an electro-hydraulic F1 transmission to be specific. He moves at a break-neck pace, but an uncanny ability to maintain balance and perspective allows him to do so smoothly. As a father, husband and young entrepreneur, the task can be taxing, but his entrepreneurial spirit is the engine that drives him to constantly “develop any necessary attributes” for the sake of his business’s success. A “motivator at heart”, Lawyer operates under the belief that “no matter what, someone is always learning and gaining from a situation.” Empowered with years of experience as a sales manager and the passion to inspire people to master their craft, he intuitively started Brand Red (formerly known as Zoomqa) in 2010.

Brand Red is a creative marketing agency with offices in Stone Mountain, Georgia and Panama City, Florida. Funded on an initial $700 investment and a “couple of car washes”, each office has now achieved revenues of $200,000 and $320,000 respectively. Lawyer has since launched Brand Red Résumé, a career consulting agency based in Atlanta, ATL Mix, a low-risk online marketing platform, I’ll Talk, a behavioral improvement and social training coach, and, an online recruiting site for startups.

With more room for growth in his present businesses, and an infinite amount of consumer needs to “respond” to, Lawyer James is well on his way to becoming the consummate serial entrepreneur.