Lauren Thomas

COMPANY:  Lauren’s Bow Box (LBB)

AGE: 16

LOOKING FOR:  Financial investors and customer awareness



Lauren Thomas was only 14 years old when she came up with a brilliant idea to create beautiful handmade bows. She is the daughter of Johnnie and Takesha Thomas, who were also the very first investors in her product. Thomas hails from Atlanta, Georgia, and has the support of her church family, Kingdom Living Ministries International. She has two sisters and two brothers whom she loves spending time with, and hanging out with friends.

Thomas is CEO of Lauren’s Bow Boxx (LBB), a business inspired by a broken headband and bling lying around the house. Her mother suggested that she wear the headband as a bow, and she added stones to it. Her church family liked it so much they wanted one for themselves; the following Sunday, Thomas brought bows, and her pastor said she could make them for profit.

LBB provides accessories for today’s Fashionistas while providing the look of youth and maturity at the same time. Each handmade piece is unique, incorporating a variety of fabrics and stones. Thomas and her mother create these products by combining Thomas’s fashion sense with her mother’s knowledge of style.

The driving force behind Thomas’s vision is her love for fashion and the desire to create beautiful things for people that think outside the box. Each design is for the individual that wants to be seen, wearing LBB Designs that are “simply fabulous”!  Thomas feels that God has graced her with a talent and she wants to take full advantage for it and not take anything for granted. She is blessed with a great support system, her parents, and because of them she is able to persevere. Even when things get hard or she finds herself wanting to gravitate toward complacency, her parents push her to be greater than she ever imagined. She has a passion for design and her family’s passion for her and belief in her dream has created an opportunity for her to succeed. She has given back to the community by providing a platform not only for herself, but also for many other young business owners. Appreciative of her opportunities, she passes on the favor by using her platform to expose the world to other great youth that are working on their own great businesses. Some of these individuals include models, photographers, chefs, and whoever else needs the encouragement to keep pushing toward their goals.

Thomas is featured in Under30 Following the Vision because she is what the world will know as a “She-EO”. She is the female executive officer of a business that, with the wisdom of God and the favor of the people, will take the fashion world by storm. She wants to be the stepping stone for many youth and say, “You do not have to be rich to start a business; all you need is one creative idea.”

The next step for Thomas is to gain more investors to help finance her wonderful idea and promote her designs. As a Fashionista, Lauren wants others to enjoy her product while making products of their own. She thanks her Apostle David Harrison and Elect Lady Harrison for sowing the seed for the business idea. She also thanks Nyasia Bowen who provided the first platform to present her product, Kowana Lewis for giving insight for business ideas, and Fatima Adams for gifting her with the Original LBB Bow. All of these ladies are “She-EOs” as well.

Thomas thanks God for every opportunity given to her as well as her parents, who have supported her through it all. Thomas states, “If I can start a business at a young age… young, middle aged and older people can start their own business too. Find something you enjoy doing and follow your dreams and never give up on them. Become a successful business owner and live your dream.” Congratulations to Lauren Thomas for being the youngest nominee to grace Under30 Following the Vision, and for being a finalist!