King Williams

COMPANY:  Psyentific Films

AGE: 29

LOOKING FOR:  New partnerships, community support and capital

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As an entrepreneur from Atlanta, Georgia, King Williams is the CEO of Psyentific Films, a multimedia company that produces films, publishes books, and makes apps among many other products. Williams believes in the incorporation of technology with film, and envisions a future where film is immersed in our daily lives. He wants to create a film experience and develop content that extends beyond the theatre to spark conversation while leaving a lasting impact.

As CEO, he is currently researching market trends in film/television, developing long-term branding initiatives, and pursuing new niche markets for film and technological partnerships. He gives back to the community while working on the company’s first documentary film entitled ‘The Atlanta Way: A Documentary Film on Gentrification’. Starting initially as a class paper, the film has led to a 2-year promotional and lecturing tour culminating with the film’s limited theatrical release during the fourth quarter of 2013. Williams’ career aspirations to excel in film and multimedia are advancing quickly – he was selected as a national semi-finalist (1-of- 15 people) for the extremely competitive Director’s Guild of America Assistant Director Trainee Program.

Williams is excited to collaborate with colleges, media and community groups as well as other organizations to help propel his dreams into reality.