Khalil Hasan

COMPANY:  ATL Red Carpet

AGE: 29

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Atlanta is a city known for its music, celebrities and larger-than-life events. Khalil Hasan, co-founder of ATL Premiere Red Carpet, LLC, has made it his mission to give everyone the opportunity to walk the red carpet just like the celebrities. “My vision is for ATL Red Carpet to become Atlanta’s premier red carpet service company. We want to be that go-to business if you are having any kind of formal event, to add that red carpet experience to it.”

Although he has a background in accounting, thirty-year-old Hasan began following his vision while doing freelance videography and photography work. The idea for his company was birthed during a drive home from work. Hasan received a call stating that he had the opportunity to cover the Think Like A Man movie premiere at Atlantic Station. He decided to go after his dream. “I was at a place in my life where if someone gave me an inch, I was going to take a foot.”

Hasan admits, initially, he didn’t realize what he had with ATL Red Carpet. In 2013, ATL Red Carpet launched as a media company, but after Hasan witnessed the need for a premier red carpet service in Atlanta, he revamped the company in 30 days. “One day I was at home, and the BET Hip Hop awards were happening at the Civic Center. I went outside and saw all these people screaming, and all these [red] carpets. In that moment, I just sat back and watched and realized the money was in providing the [red carpet] service, providing that experience for people.”

Hasan believes that his faith is the key factor in ATL Red Carpet’s success. “A lot of times, God will send something to you and you have to take it for that. You have to have faith and believe in that vision every day.” To date, the company has worked with an array of A-List celebrities such as Tyler Perry, Steve Harvey, Regina Hall, artist NeYo and rapper T.I., just to name a few. However, Hasan hopes to one day have Denzel Washington at an ATL Red Carpet Premiere.

ATL Red Carpet offers services such as: red carpet setup, professional hosting, photography, videography, on-site photo printing and a host of other red carpet services. “Our red carpet experience is well-rounded with major events and celebs.” Moreover, the company has received great reviews. Latasha Cain of Cain Consulting Group says, “[ATL Red Carpet] is a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry.”