Kevin Bongang

COMPANY:  Bongang Art

AGE: 26

LOOKING FOR:  New projects, partnerships/support and donations




Kevin Bongang is more than a soccer-loving husband with a dog named Tank. Although he proclaims himself to be an “avid doodler”, the term does him no justice. The 25 year old, Cameroonian artist now resides in Atlanta, GA, where you can find his works throughout the city. Drawing inspiration from Picasso, Ray Gloeckler, and Marshall Arisman, Bongang’s imagery can be whimsical or dark at times. However, he skillfully balances these extremes with well-placed colors, resulting in a unique piece of work that can only be described as a “Bongang”.

While grounded in remembrance of his roots and how far he has come, Bongang still has aspirations to become one of the greatest in his field. Thanks to modern technology, he has gained notoriety in various cities around the world. A simple Facebook post resulted in acclaim for his custom work on a pair of women’s shoes, leading him to a new client in the Netherlands. Bongang certainly has the right attitude. “I work on my vision every second that I breathe. Time is very valuable. I must NETWORK, NETWORK, NETWORK, and in due time my work will be seen by someone who believes in my vision.”

This approach is already paying off; Bongang has been selected to participate in a project for Savannah College of Art and Design, Georgia’s top college for the arts, and the Atlanta branch of’s first art show. Kevin Bongang is a shining example to aspiring entrepreneurs that if you truly believe in your vision, you must live and breathe it for others to believe it.