Karlton Clay

COMPANY:  Victory Productions

AGE: 28


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Well-versed within the theatre industry, Clay is “bringing real life to the stage and screen.” He specializes in web serials, films, television shows and theatre productions. To make his dream come to fruition, Clay knew he had to speak it into existence, regardless of the challenges he faced. 

On March 18, 2002, Clay was diagnosed with acute lymphoma leukemia. Today, he is cancer free. This serious event encouraged him to strengthen his relationship with his family and God. Through spreading Jesus Christ in the arts, Clay has connected with actors—established and aspiring alike—and created a positive and influential series of content to educate others. This 28-year-old visionary has been fervently educating the masses about the trials and tribulations, self-discovery and support individuals experience within the real world. The vision of Victory Productions is to become a beacon of hope for the communities in which they’ve established a strong presence.

Clay has been featured in productions such as Stomp the Yard (2007), One Tree Hill (2008) and The Lord’s Prayer (2008). Via his website, karltontclay.com, Clay discusses television and entertainment while sharing his creative world for everyone to enjoy. He also interviews influential figures within the entertainment industry, while expressing his thoughts on the media and all of its interesting facets.

Clay has won numerous awards for his current web serial, The Lyons Den. These recognitions include: the 12th Urban Mediamakers Film Festival Official Selection (2013), LA Web Series Festival Award Winner (2013) and the LA Web Series Festival Official Selection (2013). The Lyons Den portrays “the importance of family, friendship and core spiritual values” as the Lyons siblings come together after the death of their father.

Victory Productions is a strong creative force and continues to create great content. Though they recognize competitor’s strengths, their consistency keeps them at the very top. “Competitors are not consistent. We feel that our target audiences never know when our competitors are planning to put out a product.” Victory Productions’ target audience ranges from African-American teens to young adults and families.”

Everyone can learn something special from the real life experiences presented and spoken on the stage and screen. With so many thought-provoking and inspiring productions, Victory Productions’ future is very bright. Future plans are to write and produce dramas, comedies and documentaries for several television networks. Also, another goal is to produce different genres of film as well as operate a network under the direction of Karlton T. Clay.

Future goals for Victory Productions include continuing to make great content while striving for display on larger, more expansive, platforms. While bridging the gap between life and the stage, Clay offers a positive message for his viewers to enjoy. Not only has Clay spoken life onto the stage, but he has taken theatre production to the next level for African American culture.