Jeannell Darden

COMPANY:  CoCo Curls Natural Hair Care

AGE: 27

LOOKING FOR:  Financial investors, talented employees, customer awareness



Jeannell Darden is the creator of Coco Curls Natural Hair Care. She created her product in 2005 and now she not only sells nationwide, but worldwide. After going natural in 2005, she was inspired to begin developing her own hair care brand. As a company, she has sponsored meetup groups for women and children with complementary products and aid in beauty.

When Darden decided to stop using relaxers and chemicals to prevent damaging her hair, she found that the hair products she looked for ranged from too pricey, to too oily, to lacking moisture altogether. Darden then began making her own products at home, which satisfied her needs much more than the other products on the market. As a graduate from Georgia Tech with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering, and a new mother who wanted a different professional path, Darden left her career behind and decided to pursue her dream.

In 2008, Darden founded Coco Curls Natural Hair Care, a company that specializes in creating and developing products that soothe and moisturize hair while retaining spirally curls. She uses natural ingredients in her products, such as Shea butter, Aloe vera juice, and jojoba oil. Since the company’s inception, Darden has sponsored meet ups for women and children that explained how to use the products, and also offered complementary products and beauty aids to the participants. Individuals interested in Darden’s product have commented that the events she hosts are informative, and that they will return to learn more about how to use the product as well as how to use it on specific styles. Various blogs have also provided great reviews on the products as well as styling tips. Darden’s customers have said that they love her product and would recommend it to others.

Previously pursuing a career in engineering, Darden found that starting something completely different was uncomfortable and difficult. However, she used her research and knowledge to make a product that she knew others would use. When Darden read Madame CJ Walker’s book in an African American Entrepreneurship class, she became inspired to begin developing her own product. She often feels rewarded seeing the reaction on women’s faces when her company provides a solution that makes women feel confident about their natural hair.

She hopes to inspire other African American women to pursue their dreams by sharing her story with the world. In order to take her vision to the next level, Darden is looking for financial investment opportunities to hire key personnel and boost their marketing and public relations efforts. With additional support, Coco Curls could continue to grow and flourish, making larger quantities and developing more products for the line. Congratulations to Jeannell Darden for being selected as an Under30 Following the Vision finalist!