James Martin

COMPANY:  TripLingo

AGE: 26

LOOKING FOR:  Customer awareness and capital

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Freelance designer and self-described “maker, eater and drinker of things”, James Martin is an intriguing entrepreneur. At 25 years old he co-launched TripLingo, Something in Particular, The Burger Coalition, and Atlanta Disloyalty. Martin cites the culture of the South as the inspiration for his endeavors, and is actively creating projects that “help others, connect folks and embrace the South”.

TripLingo, a language and culture mechanism for travelers provides the framework for intuitively assimilating to various cities around the world. More than a simple dictionary, the app allows users to “enjoy learning un-touristy ways to talk”; It offers formal, casual, slang or “crazy” ways to say each phrase to fit in and be as proper or as funny as you want. Even more interesting, it is powered by an algorithm that helps you do this in less time. The Burger Coalition connects burger lovers in Atlanta and Birmingham over a dinner limited to a maximum of 5 guests to establish an intimate and casual dialogue. Similarly, Atlanta Disloyalty is a card program that encourages coffee-loving patrons to be “disloyal” to one coffee shop and explore their city to “have a drink in different neighborhoods with different people”.

Lastly, Something in Particular is Martin’s documentary exploring the South’s creativity, inquiring what drives people to live, work, stay, create, love, hate, play, cook, and build in the South.” Martin’s ventures may seem out of left-field initially, but this is due only to the incredibly ironic conceptual simplicity of his projects. With his unique approach, it should not be surprising if he is behind the next “big idea” to take the world by storm someday. Download the Triplingo app today, and be one of the first to experience it before the storm hits!