Edward K. Minta

COMPANY: Creations of Bliss Event Productions

AGE: 22




Twenty-two-year-old Edward Kofi Minta is a young man on a mission. Armed with a vision to “take over the world” and a philosophy to “never get comfortable,” he is making waves internationally. By day, Minta serves as the co-founder and managing operator of Creations of Bliss, an Atlanta event planning company. And by night, he graces the stage as his lyricist alter ego, Prohaize. However, to better appreciate the accolades and accomplishments that rest under Minta’s belt, it is important to understand the man behind the vision.

Minta was born and raised in Ghana, Africa until age nine. As a little boy he recalls the hardships that he and his family often faced. “In Ghana, electricity can go out for three days. There is no Georgia Power. You just [have to] sit down and wait until the lights are back on.” But, trials and tribulations didn’t damper the desire for better harbored inside of Minta’s heart. “Life [sometimes] sucks. But, be happy because life is too short.”

After joining his parents in the United States at age nine, Minta hit the ground running. His zeal for education would later grant him acceptance into Georgia State University’s J. Mack Robinson College of Business. It was here that his passion and fate would collide.

While in school, Minta says, “Things didn’t feel right.” He was excited about the knowledge he was gaining in his business program, but there still remained an unfulfilled void. “All my friends talked about [landing] full time positions, but I knew there was another way.” This other way was entrepreneurship. In 2012, Minta and a couple of his musician friends corralled their talents and started a party planning business. He admits that their original intention of being “cool kids” and getting the attention of girls was not a sustainable business model. But, the experience gained from the process was invaluable.

Nowadays, Creations of Boredom has been transformed into Creations of Bliss, a more mature and upscale version of the collegiate, party-planning business. They specialize in videography, disc jokey and live audio services and event coordination. Since its evolution, Creations of Bliss has added Porter Novelli, Morgan Stanley, National Bar Association, Palmolive Colgate and many others to their expansive clientele roster.

Edward Kofi Minta is truly the definition of success. As he continues to strive for greatness, Minta reminds those watching his strive that “we all have gifts and we have to use them or they’ll go dormant.” In order to locate personal success, Minta offers this final piece of advice: “Always be hungry for more; whether it’s knowledge, resources, relationships, whatever.”