Dar’shun Kendrick

COMPANY:  Kendrick Law Practice, LLC

AGE: 30

LOOKING FOR:  Customer awareness and people who are passionate about small business



A practicing lawyer, Dar’shun Kendrick has made incredible ground at young age in her field. After law school, she spent two years serving as counsel for large corporations and was elected to the Georgia House of Representatives in 2010. Kendrick is one of the youngest members of the Georgia General Assembly, serving 54,000 Georgians. She also received the honor of being the only freshman in the Georgia House of Representatives chosen to co-chair the Economic Security Committee.

Even with several achievements and titles under her belt already, she did not become complacent. As the child of two business owners, Kendrick developed a passion and empathy for small businesses at a young age. Combining her legal background with entrepreneurial endeavors, she founded Kendrick Law Practice, LLC in 2012 to “keep Georgia small business owners ‘IN business, and OUT of court,’ through affordable, well-rounded legal advice.” Going one step further, she holds a free annual business summit for business owners in Georgia that provides access to valuable resources that aid in a company’s growth. Additionally, Kendrick serves on the board of SCORE, an organization dedicated to help small businesses “get off the ground and achieve their goals.” Her steadfast advocacy for small businesses has led to her becoming a sought after speaker and collaborator for business organizations in her community.

Although working with small business owners can be challenging, Kendrick loves what she does. She notes that “working with passionate people can be frustrating at times but the rewards make it worth the fight.” With so much accomplished and more to come, Dar’shun Kendrick has undoubtedly inherited her parents’ entrepreneurial spirit.