Christopher Jones

COMPANY:  See Jones Creative, LLC

AGE: 29

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Christopher Jones is a twenty-nine year old artist that was struck with entrepreneurial inspiration at a young age. While in school, he created artwork, mainly drawings, that his fellow classmates would request. After having so many people solicit his services, Jones decided to start charging for the use of his art. This, in conjunction with the business magazines his father always read, led Jones to become an entrepreneur. 

Jones is the founder of See Jones Creative, LLC. This company is dedicated to helping individuals promote their brands through amazing graphic design. Jones is the principle designer on all the projects that his company has. He is “the designer of the logos and websites” for clients.

Jones’ talent in business is just as impeccable as his eye for design. When it comes to clients, his work speaks for itself. Thus, most of his new clients come through referrals from previous clients. While he does use social media to promote his business, especially Twitter (@seejoneswork), the majority of Jones’ clientele is garnered via word of mouth.

Most of See Jones Creative’s clients come from the nonprofit business sector. Jones likes to work with “visionary leaders” that have great ideas, but do not have the means to create visuals themselves. He also likes to work with artists to make sure that they have what they need to make their business visually appealing.

Jones’ definition of success is “making positive progress towards [one’s] goals.” Initially, he followed the traditional employment path of working in corporate America, and making a name for himself. But soon, Jones decided that this just was not his scene. After three years in the corporate world, he returned to the artistic side of his aspirations and has not looked back since.

His advice for people wanting to start their own business under the age of thirty would be “to make sure you connect yourself with others that are in your field.” Jones believes there are always people out there that we meet and discount. Don’t do that, he recommends. Jones believes every encounter is an important part of the journey if individuals “stay on the path.”

When it comes to crafting one’s business, especially one that is creative in nature, Jones says that it makes things easier to have thick skin. A lot of people short change those in creative fields, and like to think that just because a person can draw or write, they would not have the necessary skills to make a deal in the corporate world. If you do not have thick skin in the beginning, Jones says, “stay with it; it will come.”

Jones’ biggest motivation is his grandfather. His grandfather has always been the one person in his life that has always been there to back him up. He strives everyday to make an impact on others, just like his grandfather has made on him.

The future holds great things for See Jones Creative. Jones, with about eight other art entrepreneurs, is creating an art show in Atlanta to launch by the end of 2014. He is also looking to hire staff, in order to help his business grow. Ultimately, Jones would like to expand into a brick and mortar business, instead of operating solely online.

Moreover, Jones is looking for broader awareness for his business expansion. While he loves working with nonprofits, he would like to find clients “that have budgets that can help finance goals” for the future of See Jones Creative.