Charles Orgbon III

COMPANY:  Greening Forward

AGE: 18

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Charles Orgbon III is an 18-year-old college student studying Environmental Economics and Management at the University of Georgia. At the age of 12, Orgbon started the non-profit organization, Greening Forward. As the President and CEO of Greening Forward, Orgbon is a public speaker who motivates young people to launch campaigns that protect the environment. 

When Orgbon was 12, he noticed that trash overwhelmed his school’s landscape, so he organized a campaign to beautify the campus. After realizing the success of his venture, he thought it necessary for youth to stand up for environmental issues and concerns. Now, Orgbon travels around speaking publically about how young people can gain the attention of adults in order to start and fund their own environmental campaigns. Greening Forward uses programs like the International Young Environmentalist Youth Summit and The Earth Savers Club to help promote these ideals.

Greening Forward provides youth with resources to jumpstart environmental campaigns. The organization also educates young people on gaining sponsors for financial assistance with local initiatives. Greening Forward’s campaigns, summits and mentorship programs all have the underlying aim of protecting the environment from human pollution. “Greening Forward establishes, engages and empowers a diverse global green movement of people for the protection of the environment powered by young people.”

Greening Forward uses youth representation to capture the attention of other young people. It is one of the largest “youth-driven, youth-led and youth-imagined environmental organization[s].” Greening Forward’s target market is aspiring high school and college student leaders that are passionate about protecting the planet. Orgbon says, “I saw a void in the environmental movement that was failing to support young people with big ideas for community environmental improvement.” Greening Forward is successfully filling the gap by empowering future environmental leaders across the world.

Based on funding opportunities, Greening Forward is the largest youth-engineered environmental organization. They have sponsors that include Wells Fargo, Earth Force, Johnson Ohana, LUSH, The Kendeda Fund and The NYC DOE Sustainability Initiative. The organization was even recognized by President Barack Obama for its efforts in making a greener America.

Greening Forward is a movement that connects young people with the power of their voices. Through the organization, youth learn to channel their opinions and community concerns into profitable fundraising efforts that benefit the environment. The 2015 International Young Environmentalist Youth Summit will be held in New York City on March 1-2.