Candace Mitchell

COMPANY:  Myavana

AGE: 26

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Direct your attention to 26-year-old Candace Mitchell, CEO and Co-Founder of Techturized Inc. This young lady recognized and created an opportunity to turn a woman’s love of keeping her hair styled into a business, outside of the realm of a hair salon. Mitchell is a graduate of Georgia Institute of Technology, where she earned a Bachelors of Science degree in Computer Science, Media and People.

Channeling her background in computer science and information technology, Mitchell helped create a savvy app called Myavana. This social platform is designed to offer women of color a creative way to share hairstyles and discover new hair and beauty products. As the first of its kind, Myavana creates a community for women of color to connect and socialize on the topic of all things hair related.

To look at Mitchell’s resume is to be impressed by what she has accomplished in her relatively young life. Her experience and skills include, but are not limited to, project management, Java programming, non-profit community involvement and hair care/science of hair styling. Mitchell managed to take her education, experience and skills to the next level when she partnered with two other young professionals to launch the Myavana app. Though starting a business is hard work, Mitchell has the right spirit and attitude when approaching the task. She openly admits that achieving this goal has not necessarily been a path paved with gold. “This has required total faith in God to trust that all of my needs will be met as I continue to sacrifice for as long as required.” One major sacrifice was leaving her corporate job with high salary wages and moving back home with her parents as she was establishing her company.

Mitchell has reaped the rewards of hard work and dedication. To date, Techturized Inc. has:

• Been featured on MSNBC’s the Melissa Harris-Perry Show (March 2013)

• Successfully raised $25,000 via the crowd-funding platform Indiegogo (April 2013)

• Been named Black Enterprise’s Startup of the Week (March 2013), and then featured in the November 2013 issue

• Successfully launched the Myavana app on iOS for Apple devices (December 2013) and Android devices (September 2014)

Mitchell offers this advice for those following the entrepreneurial path, “When you have an idea you have to get out there and test the idea, so do a lot of market research and talk to as many people as possible.” She continues by saying, “Get out there and explore all the resources available to you on how to start a business.” Mitchell has clearly followed her own advice based on how successful Techturized Inc. has been in launching the Myavana app. One of Mitchell’s goals for the future is to create a platform to inform other young professionals on how they can also launch their businesses; providing them with information on how to connect with valuable resources as she has taken the opportunity to do