Brandon D. Boykin

COMPANY:  My Vision Tools

AGE: 30

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Brandon Boykins is the thirty-year-old founder and visionary behind My Vision Tools, LLC. Established in 2012, My Vision Tools is a personal and professional development company.

Boykins decided to start his own business after following the early example of his grandfather. He admired and endeavored to emulate the great work ethic that his grandfather possessed. Boykins wanted to “grow up and have the same kind of presence” as witnessed in his grandfather’s professional and personal life. His tenacity for success was also underwritten by his childhood rearing. Growing up in a single-parent home, Boykins saw his mother’s “extreme sacrifices” and wanted to make sure to repay her efforts in full.

Boykins is a DeVry University graduate with a Master’s degree in Business Administration. This has helped Boykins with his business, My Vision Tools, since its inception. He uses his degree and work experience to help small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs realize what skills they need in order to obtain their professional goals. My Vision Tools, LLC also has a certified life coach on staff for one-on-one vision coaching.

When it comes to business, Boykins is intensely passionate about his life’s work. He works to create “empowerment solutions” for individuals, businesses and non-profit organizations. One of the most popular tools that Boykins has created is the Vision Book. The Vision Book “walks people through the process of organizing goals and [putting] together a plan to achieve those goals.”

The Vision Book originated from Boykins’ need to organize his personal goals when he returned from overseas after nine years of military service. He would take his personal notebook full of life goals and plans to real estate seminars. People would inquire about the “vision book” that he carried, and Boykins would explain the significance of writing his visions on paper.

In addition to working with My Vision Tools, Boykins serves as the Atlanta Director for the Cultivated Kindness National Campaign. This is a campaign that works to promote the idea that the world can be changed through random acts of kindness.

When it comes to success, Boykins’ ideas are simple. “[Success] is equal to freedom…if you can do what you want on a regular basis, you are successful.” He attributes his success to the things he has learned throughout his experience as a growing entrepreneur. Boykins advises aspiring entrepreneurs to “have a passion for self development first.” He also recommends that they harness the power of time management. “Time is a valuable asset. [There is] an expectation for how long you think something will take to complete, and then finding out how long it actually takes.” Remaining steadfast within this dynamic, Boykin believes, will help budding entrepreneurs in the long run.

When it comes to the future of My Vision Tools, Boykins says his team is researching new markets and demographics. They are working on high school and college editions of the Vision Book. It is their intention to create a tool that helps students determine what goals are most beneficial as they make the transition from high school to college, and student to professional. The team is also working on a Personal Vision Board platform that works in conjunction with the Vision Book. They want to continue “to make personal development easy and fun.”

According to Boykin, My Vision Tools, LLC is looking for financial contributions from people in the community. They are open to investors, but would prefer partnerships with companies that are passionate about their mission.