Andre Knighton

“In order to have a great testimony, one must go through great tests, trials and tribulations.” — Andre Knighton


Andre Knighton understands this concept as a means to put to the obstacles he has faced in pursuit of his dream of “becoming all of what God wants him to be” in perspective. The concept has kept him at peace and allowed him to “walk out on faith” in July of 2005, when he first got the idea for the play Don’t Get Caught Up! At the time Knighton lacked theatre experience yet faced the task of writing, directing and producing the play himself. Refusing to be intimidated, he committed to the project and was able to create a finished product in 3 months, debuting the show at the Shower of Blessings Harvest Center in Gainesville, Florida on October 23, 2005.

The play was a tremendous hit amongst its audience and became the impetus for the creation of his production company, God’s Child Multimedia (GCM) in 2008. Knighton intended to create “a company that created opportunities not only for those that never had a chance in performing arts, but also a platform that empowered each community through civil rights and human empowerment.”

Re-launched in 2012, that vision has been consolidated into a simple message: “We Are More Than Entertainment”. Through GCM, Knighton has been able to offer a soapbox to projects such as Maximum Impact Love-Fulton Industrial, an organization that combats sex trafficking and drug solicitation. GCM has positively impacted thousands of lives through similar partnerships and other ventures. “I believe that any person who takes their gift and perfects it to the measures in which they can reach, can motivate others who like me, only began with a vision.”

Knighton is now in the position to do exactly that; He notes, “I would like to share the same tools and experiences God has give me with those that will benefit”. Partnerships with organizations, particularly ones that focus on female aid and empowerment, will allow the organization to reach more women. Committed to paying it forward, Knighton is sure to continue making a significant impact for years to come.