Meet the Founder


This is not just a magazine. It’s a movement.


Under30 Following the Vision was founded by Jewel Anderson on March 14, 2012. Her vision was to create a platform that bridges education and entrepreneurship for our the future of our generation of youth.

It was her hope to connect with other young entrepreneurs, like herself, and develop a platform where our voices could be heard and accomplishments could be seen. Our writers capture the commitment, dedication, passion and determination of our young entrepreneurs. You will learn about their backgrounds, life purpose and why they decided to be different.

From the staff to the writers and our promising nominees, all are hardworking visionaries who took risks and made sacrifices, like Jewel, to see their dreams become reality. They are change makers and blazing trails for the next generation to follow. They are the up-and-coming future leaders in Atlanta, Georgia and the world. As a supporter of this magazine, invest in their dreams, connect them to your resources and share their vision with others.

Thank you for your contribution to this publication.