After a full day of pitching, judging and debriefing at the Opportunity Hub on Saturday, September 6, 2014, Under30FTV has chosen its 2014 scholarship finalists. Drum roll please. The 2014 finalists are (in no particular order): Artesius Miller Nancy Klausner Jeffrey Wisard Shawn D. Walton These finalists will be featured on the cover of the

Where Are They Now?: Jeannell Darden

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Jeannell “Coco Curls” Darden has always been an entrepreneur at heart. She knew early on that following her passions in both life and work was her chosen path. “I never saw my dad or mom work a nine-to-five. So, I knew I would never work a nine-to-five either.” In fifth grade, young Darden got her

Atlanta native, King Williams is deemed royalty, and rightfully so. After working with filmmaker greats like Spike Lee, and on major productions like The Wolf of Wall Street and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Williams has earned his regal position. His succession, however, was not a matter of happenstance. “The reason why I am King is because ever since I

Where Are They Now?: Tawni Fears

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From the tender age of six years old, Tawni Fears has been vividly expressing herself through words. Her love for poetry and prose, in her primary years, translated into her being a writer for the high school newspaper, later in life. With aspirations of being a journalist, Fears attended college. But, she quickly found her

Atlanta’s own, Queen Aftan Williams has set a royal precedent in her community. Instead of calling individuals solely by their given names, she first adds the moniker King or Queen. Queen Aftan then insists that others follow suit. “ We are all royalty and should be treated as such.” She says. Stokes & Mathews Media

Under30FTV founder, Jewel Anderson, made a stop at Oxford College for the Academy of Liberal Arts Newton High School.  The ALANHS program consists of 40 9th-12th graders.  They had an opportunity to learn about Under30 Following the Vision and participated in Under30FTV Shark Tank creating their own businesses.

What do you get when you mix love, inspiration and a dash of vintage fashion? None other than New-Jersey-born, Atlanta-raised Sherane Heron. As the owner and operator of Sherane’s Vintage Closest, Heron’s mission is to “inspire others to live a life of purpose.” Since her 2013 Under30FTV nomination, Heron continues to use her 10+ years

Twenty-nine-year-old, Jewel Anderson is a visionary on a mission. In March 2012, she combined her passions for entrepreneurship, nonprofits and startups, and created Under30 Following the Vision. This magazine and scholarship program highlights young entrepreneurs in metro Atlanta and surrounding areas. Anderson believed that this age bracket was an underrepresented demographic in Atlanta’s business community.

Magazine Launch Ceremony

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Join us on Saturday, November 23, 2013 for our awards ceremony and official unveiling of our inaugural magazine.    

Under30FTV Nominees Changing the Face of Career Day Career day is usually a day where students gather into a large room, walk around talking to people at booths and asking about their career and the path taken to get there. So what happens when there’s a change in the average career day and entrepreneurs are