Where Are They Now?: Jeannell Darden

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Jeannell “Coco Curls” Darden has always been an entrepreneur at heart. She knew early on that following her passions in both life and work was her chosen path. “I never saw my dad or mom work a nine-to-five. So, I knew I would never work a nine-to-five either.” In fifth grade, young Darden got her first glimpse into the world of entrepreneurship when she became the “candy lady” on her school’s campus. She sold sweet treats to her friends in the classroom, at lunch and during recess to raise money for an expensive school trip. Her business savvy inspired her younger siblings to follow suit when she graduated.

In middle and high school, Darden’s zeal for making money on her own terms continued to intensify. Instead of selling candy, she began styling her friends hair as a steady source of income. It was then that Darden discovered her love for hair and hair maintenance. She especially adored her own long, flowing locks, admittedly to the point of vanity. But, after her crowning glory suffered major breakage, Darden was faced with the dreadful reality of cutting her hair.

It was during this season of rebirth and self-actualization that Darden met a lady who introduced her to the wonderful world of Shea butter. She became a self-proclaimed hair cream mixologist. Years later, her mixing experiments led to the initial recipe for her Coco Curls moisturizer.

Since winning the 2013 Under 30 Following the Vision scholarship, Darden has expanded her hair care line to include a hydrating shampoo and moisturizing conditioner. She and her husband/business partner, Lance Darden, continue to push their vision forward. Ultimately, it is this Georgia peach’s goal to catapult Coco Curls into national and international household-name status.

To learn more about Jeannell Darden and Coco Curls, visit www.cococurls.com.

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