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by / Friday, 08 August 2014 / Published in News

398488_10100242479800557_847564498_nAtlanta native, King Williams is deemed royalty, and rightfully so. After working with filmmaker greats like Spike Lee, and on major productions like The Wolf of Wall Street and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Williams has earned his regal position. His succession, however, was not a matter of happenstance. “The reason why I am King is because ever since I was a little boy my mom would always call me bossy. She would always say you act like you are the boss, you act like you run everything.” Young King’s response to his mother’s commentary was simple and direct. “Well, I am the boss.”

Williams continues to affirm his position from the director’s chair of his first documentary film, The Atlanta Way: A Film on Gentrification. Following a successful Kickstarter campaign, the film has entered its re-shoot and post-production phase. Now at the age of 30, Williams says he’s known he wanted to be a filmmaker since the age of 10. But, for individuals looking to follow in his footsteps, The King offers this piece of candid advice: “Just because you want to do film, doesn’t mean you’ll have the opportunity to do film.”

Stokes & Mathews Media had the opportunity to catch up with King Williams since his 2013 Under 30 Following the Vision nomination. He now divides his residence between New York City and Atlanta. In a recorded session, he shared his humble beginnings, rise to royalty, Spike Lee internship experience and vision for future successes.

To connect with King Williams, “Twitter is the best option.” He can also be reached at pr@theatlantaway.com.


The Atlanta Way Official Trailer

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