Where Are They Now?: Queen Aftan Williams

by / Tuesday, 29 July 2014 / Published in News

0874_DCrowderAtlanta’s own, Queen Aftan Williams has set a royal precedent in her community. Instead of calling individuals solely by their given names, she first adds the moniker King or Queen. Queen Aftan then insists that others follow suit. “ We are all royalty and should be treated as such.” She says.

Stokes & Mathews Media had the opportunity to catch up with the I Am A Queen founder since receiving her 2013 Under 30 Following the Vision nomination. One year later, she is going strong and sponsoring awesome events like “The Cost To Be A Queen” financial seminar. This event provided helpful financial tips to attendees who ranged from ages ten and up. An expert panel of bankers and financial gurus answered questions that specifically addressed the diverse age groups.

Below is a highlight video reel of the event. Queen Aftan also took the time to speak with Nadia Mathews about the importance of financial literacy, and her projections for the I Am A Queen Foundation.

To get in contact with Queen Aftan or the I Am A Queen Foundation call (504) 914-6413 or visit http://yesiamaqueen.wix.com/i-am-a-queen-royalty-productions.

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