Where Are They Now?: Sherane Heron

by / Tuesday, 22 July 2014 / Published in News

1511746_383637668447147_169922327_oWhat do you get when you mix love, inspiration and a dash of vintage fashion?

None other than New-Jersey-born, Atlanta-raised Sherane Heron.

As the owner and operator of Sherane’s Vintage Closest, Heron’s mission is to “inspire others to live a life of purpose.” Since her 2013 Under30FTV nomination, Heron continues to use her 10+ years on entrepreneurial experience to inspire others in the marketplace. Besides selling her vintage fashion finds online and at local pop-up shops, Heron empowers her audience via her Prayer in the Closet podcasts, Branding on a Budget e-courses, self-published e-books, one-on-one coaching sessions and live speaking engagements.

To learn more about Sherane Heron and how she’s making a positive impact in the fashion, entertainment and philanthropy communities, visit http://www.sheranesvintagecloset.com.


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