Youth Entrepreneurship Day with Georgia Pacific

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Under30FTV Nominees Changing the Face of Career Day

Career day is usually a day where students gather into a large room, walk around talking to people at booths and asking about their career and the path taken to get there. So what happens when there’s a change in the average career day and entrepreneurs are brought into a room to discuss their paths? Do people even consider being an entrepreneur a career path?

 These questions were asked on March 13th at Jackson Maynard High School for the first Youth Entrepreneur Day. Georgia Pacific’s foundation Youth Entrepreneurs of Georgia partnered with Under30FTV and invited four nominees, all with different career paths, to speak to high school students about their journey into the realm of entrepreneurship. The panelists consisted of Lawyer James, Jeannell Darden, Sherane Heron, and Andre Knighton. 

The first question asked to the group of aspiring of talented was, “What is an entrepreneur?” There were many answers but the response that hit the mark was, “A person who sales a product to a consumer.” They then highlighted that an entrepreneur does not have an age requirement, they just need an idea and a plan. These entrepreneurs with businesses in marketing, clothing, the film industry, and even hair business each saw a problem and they found a solution to solve it. They spoke on failure being seen as a rejection to them but it was also the challenge they overcame.

Youth Entrepreneur Day was a success for the students. They gained nuggets of information from each of the panelists and they had many questions at the end of the event. They learned valuable information that will help them begin their journey as entrepreneurs. These nominees changed the face of career day by showing what entrepreneurship is all about. The students appreciated all their efforts and are continuing to work on their business plans and become the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

Johnnae Roberts is a writing intern for Under30FTV. You can connect with her on LinkedIn

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