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Under 30 Following the Vision is a magazine and scholarship program. Our mission is to give recognition to individuals 30 years or younger that are following a road of excellence in different arenas of business or entrepreneurship.

Meet Last Year's Finalists

Jeannell Darden

COMPANY:  CoCo Curls Natural Hair Care AGE: 27 LOOKING FOR:  Financial investors, talented employees, customer awareness   Jeannell Darden is the creator of Coco Curls Natural Hair Care. She created her product in 2005 and now she not only sells nationwide, but worldwide. After going natural in 2005, she was inspired to begin developing her own hair care brand. As a company, she has

William Jennings

COMPANY:  Check My Bookstore AGE: 26 LOOKING FOR:  Talented employees, partnerships, and financial investors   Jennings seeks to inspire youth to follow their dreams at an early age and encourages entrepreneurship. In 2011, he made these achievements more accessible by creating Check My Bookstore, a medium for students to personalize and become more active in the process of buying, selling, and trading of textbooks. The

Lauren Thomas

COMPANY:  Lauren’s Bow Box (LBB) AGE: 16 LOOKING FOR:  Financial investors and customer awareness   Lauren Thomas was only 14 years old when she came up with a brilliant idea to create beautiful handmade bows. She is the daughter of Johnnie and Takesha Thomas, who were also the very first investors in her product. Thomas hails from Atlanta, Georgia, and has the support of